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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The verdict is in on the Washington Nationals and it ain't pretty

Well I gave it about 29 games.. I have to say this Nats team has got to be the most boring team I have ever seen... they have nothing exciting going on either pitching or hitting-wise.....Ryan Zimmerman is seemingly unable to break out and in fact has arguably regressed.. Austin Kearns would not be on the roster of probably 90% of Major League Baseball teams.. he is battling out there to get close to the Mendoza line! It is a motley crue of rejects and castoffs with a slight Small Red Machine flavoring.... And the pitching staff? Can anyone seriously tell me that guys like Redding or Odalis Perez are going to last more than a few games.. these guys are not the answer.. when they pitch well enough to give up only 3-4 runs then the Nats have a chance but these Nats are never going to overpower you with the longball... they may get 5 or 6 hits and if you thrown in a timely one and maybe an error on the opponents part (or a few walks) then maybe the Nats will pull it off.. but come on.. compared to the Boston Red Sox these guys are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz And why? I never realized DC was such a small town?Here I was thinking we were a reasonably sized market with a new stadium drawing oh i don't know on the order of 30,000 maybe or just about the Major League Baseball average for last year... but from looking at the roster you'd think we are Kansas City (no offense George Brett, and the rest of that illustrious early 80s team) or Milwaukee!

We did make some great offseason moves like unloading Ryan Church who can actually muscle a ball out of the park.. oh he's hitting .316 right now with 19 rbi's for the New York Mets who play in our same division.. Explain that one to me!..We sure could use that bat...were the Mets able to do in 2 months what the Nats couldn't do in three years: teach him how to deal with offspeed pitches? Then we traded Schneider for an over the hill catcher who it later turned out had been on steroids the one or two good years he had...I 'm talking to you Loduca.

Give me a break... To get fans to go out and watch the games and support you and pay for what are comparatively very expensive tickets: comparison time- break- seats behind home plate at Baltimore O's games (camden yards)= $45 .. seats behind home plate at new as yet unamed Nats stadium = $300.. of course its true that the seats behind home plate at the Nats park are all empty cause NO ONE is crazy enough to shell out that kinda cash unless its the New York friggin Yankees and Dimaggio is playing... but i digress.. point holds because the rest of the stadium is largely similarly overpriced relative to other teams.. and what do we get for that??? do we get a half decent team or do we get a team whose heart of the order is battling to see the Mendoza line.. the latter i'm afraid... this just won't work Karsten/Bowden fellas. you need to go out there and find a big bat! remember the old adage: it takes money to make money? Having a new stadium is just like having a new toy..its going to wear off quick if the team on the field continues to provide the soundtrack to a nice snooze...

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