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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top Vice Presidential candidates for Barack Obama?

I have to say the top candidates to my mind are the following:

Hillary Clinton

Ed Rendell

Mark Warner

Jim Webb

Ted Strickland

I hope I am not forgetting anyone but basically I am looking for a VP
who can help Obama win states. Someone who comes from the Hillary camp
also helps in mending fences. I think Rendell could help take
Pennsylvania - although I believe Obama would take it anyway and if he
were to have a tough time taking Pennsylvania that pretty much means
he would not be president- and a bit in Ohio. Strickland should help
with Ohio which is a key state. Meanwhile I have to believe that
either Webb or Warner would help turn Virginia blue.

Unfortunately I can't see a way for Obama to win Florida so I won't
even bother with that one.. even with Hillary on the ticket I just
don't see it...

I personally really like Wesley Clark but I don't feel he could bring
in a state with heft so he fails the critical test... no more
Liebermann's or Edwards'.. this time we need someone for VP that can
deliver a state..

There are big problems relating to putting Hillary on the ticket OR
keeping her off the ticket and in some ways thats the more important
issue at hand with respect to selecting a Vice President. Picking her
would make Obama look like his hand was pushed/weak because there is a
perception rightly/wrongly that he just can't stand her... At the same
time if she wants the gig and he does not pick her Hillary could make
his life difficult... But picking her would steal some thunder from
Obama's message of change/moving past the Bush/Clinton/Bush years...
On the other hand Hillary supporters which are many and include groups
with reservations about Obama (older voters particularly elderly
women, white working class voters in industrial states/appalachia,
catholics) naturally complement Obama's own strengths with his core
voting groups...

I see little attraction in the prospect of Sebelius or Richardson and
don't believe the arguments in their favor hold much sway...Likewise I
think Dodd and Biden are non-starters particularly the former...

Another name that is often mentioned- Bloomberg- much as I like him is
a nonstarter...

On the other hand I do like Chuck Hagel and I would add him to the
list if he were interested and there was some good vibes between Obama
and himself...One would have to think he'd help peel off some possible
republican/independent votes from McCain...He doesn't however fit the
profile of someone who can deliver a state...

My final preferred list: Hillary/Rendell/Strickland/Webb/Hagel

But you have to think it will be difficult for Obama to ignore Hillary.....

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