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Saturday, May 31, 2008

SCOOP FROM DNC MEETING: Lanny Davis blows up at me earlier today at DNC

Below what I forwarded Andrew Sullivan about today's Democratic
National Committee Rules and Bylaws Meeting held in Washington DC (May
31, 2008). I thought there should be some record of this somewhere on
the mighty internet.

Hi Andrew long time reader.

I attended the DNC Rules meeting earlier today (I managed to get on the
guest list).. I attach picture of Lanny to verify I was there!..This
picture was taken about 15 minutes prior to the incident I describe.

I was standing outside while former Florida Senator Bob Graham, and
current Senator Bill Nelson and current Rep. Wexler were all
talking... I saw Lanny Davis who was unhappy with Nelson and Wexler
being on CNN with Wolf Blitzer to spin the results of the morning
session on Florida and he was telling the CNN person (on the side):
"This is unfair! You are presenting a biased picture. There is no
Hillary representative. Bill Nelson is not a Hillary

About 15 minutes later - about 1 pm- I was standing by myself talking
on the phone when I see Lanny Davis essentially leaving so I say to
him as he walks by about a foot from me "Lanny you want it all! You want 100%
You want 100%!" He mumbled something as he kept walking and I yelled
"What about me? What about my vote? What about unity?" He stopped for
a second looked me over- not knowing who the heck I am and spouted
"Why would I talk to an asshole?" and walked off.. He seemed a bit
rattled as he went down the escalator of the Hotel..

Pure class these Clinton surrogates. ANd you should have seen the
self-righetousness dripping from every word and facial expression
Ickes produced inside. Well maybe you saw it on CSPAN as he questioned

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