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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Joe Trippi confirms what the whole world knows: he is an ASS!

Now we are supposed to know that Joe "I bailed on Howard Dean with a few million for my firm's crap ads" Trippi AKA the SELLOUT just knew that John Edwards should have stayed in and would have had a few hundred delegates at the brokered convention in order to play kingmaker BUT somehow he did not tell him that...
What kind of an ass is this guy? I mean if he knew that and he didn't tell Edwards what was Edwards paying him for???? Moreover, the whole scenario is hardly plausible because Edwards was completely flaming out.. he got 4% in Nevada, 17% in his birth state of South Carolina but we are supposed to believe that on Super Tuesday he would have garnered 300 delegates??? ON WHAT PLANET???
What we are seeing now that Obama is suffering the effects of a brutal two month slog having McCain and Hillary trashing him together with their cohorts in the media and those in the media who just can't let this thing mercifully end.. what we are seeing is a lot of revisionism.. but I remember January and February..I remember when Edwards dropped out.. it wasn't that long ago!

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