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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

oh one more thing about babasonicos album anoche

track 8 "falsario" features guitar work by carca who is a strange cult figure/ personage/character of the argentine nightlife demi monde... i caught his show in buenos aires at niceto (2002) which started at about 3:30 am! it was his last show before moving to spain.... not sure where he is now.. i'd bet he has returned to buenos aires (it will never let you go)... anyways the dude is one weird and i'd guess coked up cat.... huge AFRO supported on an incredibly tall wiry frame clad in purple spandex but man in the words of ziggy could he play guitar! the guy was rock'n'roll and i have never seen anything like him...babasonicos have always been big boosters of his work even having produced a record of two of carcas.....

oh another thing about babasonicos while i'm at it.. ian brown/stone roses fans may notice that ian has a solo song called "babasonicos".... and its not a coincidence.. i'm fairly certainas ian brown's woman is from argentina and he's been known to spend time in buenos aires...

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