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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My favorite rock record from 2005 came out towards the end of the year... Babasonicos "Anoche" ("Last Night").... a return to the form exhibited on "Jessico" which was the best Argentine dance rock record of 2001....Jessico's follow up "Infame" never made much of an impression but this one is just wonderful and hits all the right spots.... 14 songs in 36 minutes... great melodies and lyrics about what else? going out! youth!... "algunas noches soy facil...oh oh oh.. no acato limites" ("some nights i'm easy... oh oh oh..i don't obey limits").... as in the past few babasonicos records andrew weiss of ween production fame was thing i'd never seen and find interesting on this record..: songs 2 , 3 and 4 utilize the same choruses or i should say 2 and 3 have the same chorus and 3 and 4 have the same chorus if that makes sense...the chicago tribune latin music critic picked this as his album of the year.. lead singer adrian d'argelos is splendid wether on the rockers or ballads (i think he can sing/inhabit a traditional spanish bolero i.e. "capricho" in much the same way gene ween gets into his characters)....or "el colmo": "i want to tempt the abyss and con death.. lets return to zero...erase it all and celebrate if tomorrow i awake sober and song take me far away where no one remembers of me...i want to be the murmuring of some city that doesn't know who i am...i would give my dream to see this farce fail...lets lose the center..burn it all and ask that tomorrow no one come make me song take me far way where no one remembers of me i want to be the murmur of some song that doesn't know who i am...i trade it all for the gift of making women laugh...their world sinks me in its prints and ask that tomorrow i become another sad soul.."

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