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Friday, January 27, 2006

Breaking news: Going to see the Rolling Stones February 1 Baltimore Mariner Arena!

(reproduced from email sent to friend who found me a ticket to the show)

i thought i remembered something interesting about the rolling stones and baltimore..

my favorite live album of all time is the 1970 rolling stones release "get yer ya yas out" (yeah the one with the great cover with charlie watts and a donkey)... stellar probably helps that 2 of the 10 songs are chuck berry covers..wonderful versions of "carol" and of course "little queenie"..... mick taylor was on the guitar starting that year and lasted until ron wood replaced him around 74.. in any case.. the dueling guitars of keith and mick taylor were the best...if you listen to get yer yayas out mick taylor's guitar comes in on one speaker and keith's on the other..and its like they are both guitar solo and rhythmn players.. really embodies keith richards view on guitars which is there should be no division between lead and rhythm... of course they play with contrasting styles....keith is a far "dirtier" player.. to this day mick taylor, who now makes a living playing bars, is remembered very fondly by rolling stones fans and how could he not having played on let it bleed, get yer ya yas out, sticky fingers and exile on main street.. whooooaaahhh nelly!..

well get yer ya yas out was always advertised as having been recorded over two days in late november 1969 at madison square garden... and most of it was...but..but...and here is were it gets interesting..

love in vain definetly was recorded in baltimore and at the same venue (mariner which used to be called civic center or civic arena)...the stones played this venue in 65, 66 , 69 and are of course scheduled to play it wednesday!.. they have not been back to baltimore since 1969! as you can see baltimore mayor o'malley is getting down to whats important!

though the mick jagger "thank you" before stray cat blues was recorded in the garden the actual song music is from baltimore with an overdubbed vocal... (overdubbing was a common accepted practice then...probably because recording technology was so primitive which meant overdubbing invariably was necessary....regardless of the ocassional overdub and the splicing of mick jaggers comments throoughout, such as his classic line "you wouldn't want me to drop my trousers now would you...", get yer ya yas out is the best official live recording of the stones

and on the 2000 remaster of get yer yas out street fightin man which closes the record is credited on the back cover as "probably baltimore" is still not known if this is the case (see below)

1969 was the last time the stones played baltimore of course and that was the same tour they played altamont which as you probably know is generally agreed to represent the end of the "60s" (hells angels concert security stabs fan while rolling stones play show..)..altamont happened december 6, 1969 or 10 days after the last baltimore show...

so some history there fyi

i attach below the best summary of what i'm talking about from


A Summary of Sources and Overdubs on "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!"
Opening words - Sam Cutler: MSG 11/27/69, 11/28/69 1st, and ?
- Opening words - Jagger: "watch it", overdubbed.
1. Jumpin' Jack Flash: Music MSG 11/27/69, vocal overdubbed.
- Spoken Words: MSG 11/27/69, edited.
2. Carol: MSG 11/28/69 1st, Mick Taylor's guitar piece is possibly overdubbed.
- Spoken Words: "Thank You" from MSG 11/27/69.
3. Stray Cat Blues: Music Baltimore 11/26/69, vocals overdubbed. Two musical "markers" were identified. Missing Turnaround Verse #4 ("It's no hangin' mat-tar..."). A lessor possibility: 11/28/69 1st. This is noted due to the "Champaign Variation", which is a close approximation to "Ya-Ya's" lyrics, and therefore a possibility in a live '69 performance.
Spoken Words: Possibly MSG 11/28/69 2nd.
4. Love In Vain: Baltimore 11/26/69, no overdubs.
Spoken Words: MSG 11/28/69 2nd, edited.
5. Midnight Rambler: MSG 11/28/69 2nd, no overdubs.
Spoken Words (Background): - MSG 11/28/69 2nd.
6. Sympathy for the Devil: MSG 11/28/69 1st. Verse #4 is edited out.
Spoken Words: 11/28/69 1st or 2nd possibly before Satisfaction.
7. Live With Me: Music MSG 11/28/69 2nd, vocals overdubbed.
Spoken Words: MSG 11/28/69 1st "Aw New York City..." also in the "Gimme Shelter" movie before Jumpin' Jack Flash.
8. Little Queenie: Music MSG 11/28/69 1st, vocals overdubbed.
Spoken Words: MSG 11/28/69 1st or 2nd. "Well all rights..." also in the "Gimme Shelter" movie after Jumpin' Jack Flash.
9. Honky Tonk Women: Music MSG 11/27/69, vocals overdubbed. Missing the "New York Verse", which would have been Verse #3 in a "Paris Verse" version of the song. Also missing the added chorus that would have separated the two verses.
Spoken Words: Overdubbed (Note the "electronic noise" that is present). A lessor possibility: 11/28/69 1st or 2nd, or Baltimore 11/26/69.
10. Street Fighting Man: Music MSG 11/28/69 1st, vocals overdubbed. A lessor possibility: Music Baltimore 11/26/69, vocals overdubbed.

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