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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Went to see "Sideways" this weekend...its the new Douglas Payne movie.. he's the director (i think he also does some writing for the screenplays of his movies) behind "Election" and "About Schmidt"...

I like his movies..He strikes me as more of a european filmaker than a hollywood one... his films seem to focus around existential themes and are developed through dialogue/voiceovers rather than action...they are "realist" pictures...

anyhow i don't believe in reviewing movies.. i think people should see films for themselves and make up their own minds. preferably see a movie with as little information and few preconceptions going in as possible...don't read reviews and try to avoid previews!

but i do strongly recommend this movie...

once you've seen it you may wish to check out this Douglas Payne interview at:


Anonymous said...

Alexander Payne. I agree, he's a good director and an auteur (original, creative, true to his vision). Giamatti is great, every time out of the box. That's it for me. Later.

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