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Monday, November 08, 2004

Its the health, stupid!

An annual report that ranks the relative health of individual states based on 18 factors, including smoking, health insurance coverage, obesity and infant mortality supports the conclusion that health rather than moral values played a large role in influencing people's decision on their choice for President. People voted their health with 8 of the 10 healthiest states solidly aligning themselves with Kerry while the 15 least healthy states went for the incumbent.

Since the relationship is correlational causation cannot be inferred. It could be that voting for Bush makes people unhealthy or that people who are unhealthy are more likely to vote for Bush. Another possibility is that there is an intervening variable, whereby states that value health are more likely to have a population of healthy people and are also more likely to choose Kerry as a presidential candidate. More research is needed.

1. Minnesota

2. New Hampshire

3. Vermont

4. Hawaii

5. Utah

6. Massachusetts

7. North Dakota

8. Connecticutt

9. Wisconsin

10. Maine

35. Texas

36. Missouri

37. Nevada

38. New Mexico

39. Kentucky

40. Oklahoma

41. North Carolina

42. Florida

43. West Virginia

43. Alabama

45. Georgia

46. Arkansas

47. South Carolina

48. Tennessee

49. Mississippi

50. Louisiana

Data on health status provided by the United Health Foundation, American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention. Electoral data based on results as reported by CNN.


DJsidehatch said...

This type of argument has got to stop. First off every single one of the people who voted for Bush are Americans. With that said, this sort of "better-than-U-Crew" stuff is just not helping. The thing it comes down to is the Repubs are getting votes from people that used to side with Dems. For godsakes the Latin vote is getting Redder by the day. And I'll never understand how the unemployed factory or farm worker can think the Repubs are looking out for them. Weather or not they actually are, these people are voting Rebub.
But we've got to stop this...we are better, smarter, more good looking, likely to reach enlighenment and less likely to die from a UFO just isn't productive. Let's come up with some original ideas that we can get behind, not how we can pick the other sides argument apart. If we continue to let the Republicans set the agenda...the Dems will always get crushed. Let's just hope that the Dems in the House and the Senate put up a stink when ever they can. Take a stand on an issue, bring it out in the public and don't let them take our country over with this NeoCon agenda (I love how the word Con is in NeoCon)

wolff said...

of course its got to stop! it was written as satire!

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