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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Letter to David Broder who is in the tank for John McCain

Mr. David Broder,

Your column on the debate made me sad and somewhat mad.. to write that someone is an alpha male because he acts like a bastard and is rude to the nth degree begs the question: when is a jerk called a jerk?.. McCain wasn't an alpha male broder...thats an asshole..he was dripping with contempt... he was angry and he was rude.... there's nothing alpha male about not being able to look your fellow debater in the eye! thats just as arguably fear and insecurity as it is "alpha male"...he couldn't even look barack obama in the eye while he spewed distortions and lies.. and you consider that strength?

Moreover, does it not strike you as ridiculous to write a column based on who is the "alpha male" candidate? even if what you posit were in fact true so what? are we electing a president or looking for the towel snapper in high school thats now working at 7-11? are you saying that americans prefer an "alpha male" to a president who is tough but fair, honest, principled and competent? i see no evidence for this conclusion and its sad that you seek to perpetuate this horribly counterproductive myth and in effect seek to make it a self fulfilling fact, your column is deeply insulting to the american voter.. to look at a presidential debate through the prism of "alpha male-ness" is pretty paltry political analysis..

really.. pull it together and try to retain some shred of relevance....very dissapointed in your column.

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