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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Album of the Month: GAL COSTA's "GAL COSTA" 1969 psychedelic freakout

Boy I've been listening nonstop to this...I've owned it before (on CD) but now having it on LP it feels like a totally different experience.. certainly I'd never had it in MONO or with the cool Caetano Veloso penned insert notes... Of all the tropicalia albums and that includes Os Mutantes, Caetano, Jorge Ben etc this one has to be the most freaked out psych fest of them all... The bass is fat throughout..the guitar is wah wah-y, there's incredible songs from Gil, Caetano, Capinam (mr. soy loco por ti america), Jorge Ben etc... there's vocal contributions and probably arrangements too from Caetano and Gil who are all over this album.. there are Rogerio Duprat's wonderful arrangements and above all there is Gal Costa cut loose and wailing away at times in a primal scream Yoko Ono-ish manner while at other times she's as sweet as a lamb.. The cover art is also just the most...

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