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Friday, March 14, 2008

Those old scratchy blue note LPs

Man I guess I'm weird but I can listen to the old scratchy blue note lps (or classic prestige lps too for that matter).... The sound is so good on these puppies and the historical significance/rarity of these lps such that I somehow can listen to them even when they are really banged up..I guess what choice do I have if I want to listen to the original lp? I can't well afford to pay $1000 and outbid some japanese dealer particularly now that the dollar is so weak its almost impossible to get your hands on one of these puppies even if you want to bid on it on Ebay... I guess I hadn't thought of it but with the dollar depreciating as much as it has its no wonder that the old jazz lps targeted by japanese collectors and dealers are completely out of reach.. still for some reason I can sit through almost any noise when listening to these old ones... I know that most people would rather listen to the clean newly issued latest remaster or even a repressing but that just ain't me.. it means something to me to have the original... that original carries a lot of history with it.. its been around for 50 years plus...Just got my hands on a few real rarities and I'll be sharing my impressions on them...

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