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Friday, March 07, 2008

From following this election... get the sense that the voters might be more ready for "change" than the media. The way the press covers the election feeds into the Clinton's (and their consultants/operatives) old politics games. Now Hillary is "lowering expectations" for Wyoming and this is covered in a manner that would lead the voter to think "Oh how smart" when all it is is just plain old politics. So they lowered expectations enough to get away with losing 11 primaries (12 if you count Veromont) in a row and that was OK but it wasn't OK for Obama to barely lose Texas (where he will end up having won in terms of delegates) and lose Ohio and Rhode Island. No, you see my friends its all about the expectations not the votes! I guess what I'm saying is that for all of Hillary's whining about the media coverage - which worked like a charm by the way- the reality is that she has the experience to play the political game the way the media and through their lens the voters expect it to be played. Its tough to effect change when your starting point is the same old crummy election process. What was Hillary's comeback based on concretely? A press corps that felt it had been unfair to Hillary, misinformation and smearing (photos of Obama in strange garb, her appearance on 60 minutes where she stated "as far as she knew" there was nothing to indicate Obama was a muslim).
I haven't felt this down in a while actually.

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