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Thursday, March 06, 2008

and on raising 55 mil

i think it almost hurts him to go public with this number and  i'll tell you why:
1. hillary can turn to her supporters and say "you see, we are being vastly outspent..we need your help"
2. i- an obama contributor- look at this number and think "shit man , don't come and ask me for more money! you already got 55 million and you need more???" i mean how much money is enough?? i KNOW i am not the only one who thinks like this... he had obviously tens of millions sitting aroudn before texas and could not figure out how to get to hispanics...if i was obama now i'd hire 20 young bilingual hispanics from florida to be my florida hispanic outreach team and send 5 to miami (including a plugged in connected cuban american or two) - and you know he's probably going to have a tough time with cuban americans given his comments about talking to any leader- and the other 15 i would disperse in the other cities (orlando, tampa, ft lauderdale, etc.)..  i would have them there just in case florida does a do over doing the research and talking to different people... he's got a huge problem with hispanics.. he can't lose both the white vote and the hispanic vote and get anywhere..he needs door to door knocking in the hispanic neighborhoods explaining the guy is not a muslim, that he's worked with hispanics as a community organizer (with examples and names)...
obama has to get cracking or he's toast.. his campaign seems lethargic and slow to respond... the response to the nafta leaks was slow.. the 3 am ad response should have been much harsher ("she's trying to scare you like bush did..", etc.)

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