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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Now playing: Blue Note 84125- Lou Donaldson's "Good Gracious!" What an album cover! In typical ebay fashion the seller did not disclose a sizable warp which makes the first few minutes of each side unplayable and distorts the sound for a few minutes more.. we'll see how the thing turns out..

but what a session.. donaldson with john patton and grant green.. this is one very enjoyable soul jazz album! and the album cover cracks me up every time... lou donaldson by the way was responsible for bringing grant green to new york city after seeing him play in saint louis..and how fittin given the heavy influence of charlie parker on lou that donaldson would be impressed by grant green whose note for note soloing guitar style was essentially taken from bird too...lou donaldson then introduced grant green to blue note impressario and all around genius alfred lion and the rest is as they say history..

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