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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

meat and potatoes rock

man i love that album title...its tough to start a rock album better than ac dc does with "for those about to rock we salute you".. or a live show for that matter!...i've never seen ac dc but i can just imagine the anticipation giving way to unbridled rock'n'roll joy as the crowd hears the opening guitar tapping angus strains of this song which served as concert opener for years....midway through the songs cannons would start shooting in the air.. can it get any better than that?!! oh, and its a cool thank you to the fans too!

ac dc in 1979 came out with highway to hell.. in 1980 after their awesome "died in my own booze" lead growler night prowler bon scott perished and was replaced by brian johnson they released back in black.. still perhaps the best juvenile hard rock album of all time..i would not call it heavy metal as its usually miscategorized.. anyhow with that album ac dc became one of the few bands in the world to replace a lead singer and retain nay increase their success (joy division/new order the only other i can think of)..

well after selling like 10 million copies and providing the soundtrack for most teenagers first shackups ac dc returned the next year with "for those about to rock" and of course, as could have been expected the album proved dissapointing..... still its got a lot going for it....its no masterpiece but its solid.... some say the last solid ac dc album... its got the title cut with cannons and a few other kick booty tracks.. its got the great album cover..i love ac dc's meat an potatoes rock and this could be their most potatoey album of all.. few cuts standout but its a real solid hard rock work....

for some reason i associate this album with my friend dan wray.. and the jack black "school of rock" movie.... this may be one of those albums that people put on expecting another back in black/hells bells/you shook me and became disgruntled and put away when they did not hear it at first listen.. its a bit more subtle than back in black.. although subtlety not lyrically..."lets get it up".."inject the venom"..."snowballed"..."night of the long knives"..the embossed cannon on the cover.. you get the picture.. this is not subtle stuff. still the songs themselves aren't quite as catchy as the previous two albums.. and this precipitated ac dc's long fall.... apparently, they are still a great band live and there is talk they will tour next year.... de mas esta decir/no need to add that ac dc's brand or rock is chuck berry favorite...

i've said it before and i'll say it again.. rock'n'roll desperately needs an infusion of some ac dc like band.... something more primal and fun .. more back to the roots rock less deliberate mope...rock and roll is about a good time... half the time when you hear modern bands you fall asleep trying to make sense of the dirge like rhythms and metaphors..modern bands even go to great lengths to avoid giving you the joy that comes with a great guitar solo!..i say gimme some band that makes me wanna jam with my air guitah!....i have no idea what the radioheads and coldplays of the world are talking about and i just dont' care.. i got my own problems and i just want to have a good ole fun time! and what we don't need is a band like the darkness appropriating an old sound but delivers it laced with irony..a "we're doing this music but its tongue in cheek..we're just making fun of it and thats what makes us cool".. as the brits say BOLLOCKS.... give me the real deal... ah bon scott, in time i look foward to pounding a couple of fosters with you!...

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