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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mark Felt

and so washington dc's great journalistic secret is no more!... we now know mark felt was "deep throat", the well connected government official in the executive branch that leaked information and added suggestions and ideas to washington post reporters bob woodward and carl bernstein.... without him its hard to believe that watergate would have progressed to the point that nixon was forced to resign...

to my mind we owe mr. felt a debt of gratitude....were it not for him the serially corrupt and law abusing nixon administration would have remained in power... some, largely the same revolting right wing political self annointed punditocracy of cable tv, question the means claiming felt broke government regulations by divulging national secrets but i believe that at some points in life one has to weight the costs and benefits...its not always as simple as good or bad..perhaps sometimes you have to break a rule to make sure far bigger rules and more importantly constitutional principles are not compromised.. for convicted felons- yes JAILBIRDS- formerly in the nixon administration..yes g gordon liddy, cosloy etc i'm talking to you among others.. to speak about felt having breached ethics really demonstrates the meaning of the word "gall" fact for anyone, in the nixon administration to take such intense issue with leaks , as say pat buchanan who calls felt a traitor, is ridiculous knowing how much leaking was orchestrated from the very oval office during nixon's presidency..

still others impugn his motives claiming he leaked to avenge being passed up for head honcho at the FBI... i don't believe this but can't guarantee 100% that he took the steps he took- putting himself at great personal risk i might add- in order to bring down an administration bringing down the United States itself for purely egalitarian motives... for sure he may have had a personal aversion to richard nixon which may have colored his views...... however, for whatever reasons and in whatever manner i am grateful to mr. felt and glad to see pictures of him looking as jovial as he is..

one last word: i question the wisdom of woodward and bernstein's claims that mr. felt's mind is not there enough for him to make the decision to go public.. sounds to me they are a bit annoyed about all the attention being lavished on mr. felt and not their journalism..woodward and bernstein i have always tended to think enjoy making news too much for journalists who ought to stick to reporting woodward and bernstein seem to be saying that the role of "deep throat" is being magnified at the all consumming expense of other less well known sources, etc... if this is the case woodward and bernstein had 30 years to set the record straight! why now? perhaps they hoped felt would take his secret to the grave allowing them one more moment of glory announcing deep throat's identity?

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