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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Now crankin': File Under Chuck Berry-AC DC- Memphis- Stones- Rock and Roll

Faces 1971 LP "A nod is as good as a a blind horse"- Warner Brothers BSK 2574. This is the better Faces album. What to say about it? Faces was the early 1970s band which included Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian Mclagan and Kenney Jones. At the time Rod Stewart was just breaking out as a solo star and his partnership with Ron Wood put to wax a great number of tunes including the "Every Picture Tells A Story" LP and a number of cuts on various Faces LPs....Rod was a great old school r&b rock and roll styled singer before he went on to other things.. Good harmless fun rock and roll... to me Faces built on the bad old boy fun side of the Rolling Stones and took it a bit further... The Stones noticed and eventually would recruit Faces guitarist Ron Wood to replace Mick Taylor..Ron Wood really does share a lot in style and substance with Keith Richards.... "A nod is as good as a wink" includes one of the best rock and roll songs of all time and the lone Faces hit: "Stay With Me" (the current crop of bands running rock into the ground could learn a lot from the lyrics reproduced above)...If you ever wondered, and you may well not have, where the Black Crowes got their sound look no further.. Ron Wood/Keith Richards' guitar slashing tone, to me, is one of the great sounds in rock.... Like AC DC, whom they remind me of, the Chuck Berry influence is front and center here (album even features a cover of "Memphis")..

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