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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ella Fitzgerald resource!

here is a link with a chronology and discography for Ella Fitzgerald.. the chronology informs us, among other things, on the recording date and original 78rpm release for each title...Ella's first LP release, "Souvenir Album" was made up of the following early sides:

"Baby Won't You Please Come Home"-Decca 3186- February 15, 1940
"Cabin in the Sky"- Decca 3490- November 8, 1940
"Lonesomest Gal"- Decca 3666- November 8, 1940
"The One I Love"- Decca 3608- January 8, 1941
"I Must Have That Man"- Decca 18530- July 31, 1941
"I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me"- Decca 18421- July 31, 1941
"I Got It Bad"- Decca 3968- July 31, 1941
"I Can't Help Loving That Man"- Decca 18421- July 31, 1941


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Micko said...

Thanks for the excellent, large jpeg of the great Ella's 1st (1949) Souvenir Album front cover. Would I be imposing too much if I asked you to provide the back cover also, perhaps of a similar size

Many thanks in anticipation. It's much appreciated


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