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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Howard Dean Victory Party!

Last night Tiffiny and I attended the Howard Dean/Democracy for America gathering at the Capitol City Brewery here in Washington DC which overlooks the Capitol... We showed up 40 minutes early to find hundreds of people in line.... The mood was one of happiness and to some degree pride in our man Howard Dean being about to become Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In the end over 1200 people showed up and Dean spoke twice: once inside (where we were lucky enough to get in) and once outside to those gathered on the balcony.

We were ecstatic that Dean is set to assume this important position as titular head of the party's steering committee for the next few years...God knows the party needs some backbone... He made clear he is going to keep on being himself.... he's going to keep yelling!!!!!!!! For us, who believed so much in the Doctor only to see his presidential bid go up in flames (Dean would have beat Bush!) there was vindication in the air last night... the anti-establishment forces are taking over the establishment! Dean secured this position because of the hard work and commitment of the progressive grass roots which he energized like no other candidate (Kerry who? first people voted for him in the primary cause the media said a vietnam vet could defeat bush [boy did that ever prove to be wrong, eh?], then democrats rallied around him because he won the primaries but he couldn't light a fire in hell if his life depended on it)..

The event last night was somewhat odd because it almost felt like a campaign stop and I think that is unusual in a presumptive DNC Chair but then again Howard Dean ain't your average John and its time the Democratic Party shake things up...Last night was our night.......

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