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Sunday, January 02, 2005

new years post!

happy new year everyone..

we have now hit the midpoint of the ooooooooo's....hard to believe.. if i am honest i must say this decade has been, so far, completely marked by the events of september 11th... 140,000 or 410,000 thousand dead from a tsunami won't change that..(by the way: what an opportunity wasted by Bush to show the world that america IS a kind nation).. they are not americans (although more americans may have died in the tsunami than on september 11th.)... bush's election this past november cements this as a decade of fear, cynicism, jingoism, limited civil liberties, knee jerk reactions and useless war (with its useless but always present progeny: death and destruction).... too bad for the iraqui's that will die (33 today.. but they are not americans.. and at least they were DIE)....too bad for the rest of the world that will have to find new ways to contain the rumsfeld and rice's (with their useless offspring wolf-the-half-witz no matter he was dean of johns hopkins SAIS.. boy am i glad i went to georgetown instead by the way!) yes, i have digressed, but sad that this decade will inevitably be the decade of, as green day so well encapsulated in their grammy nominated record "american idiot", the AMERICAN IDIOT... not much to be done other than get involved in our communities and in trying to come up with some option for 2008 to remove these scared insecure little tykes from power before they destroy us...these clowns and of course their useless children---------------...........the MEDIA.....which will dutifully report the party line as passed on to them by the pentagon.... all you need to do is check the words of the reporters that cover the defense department beat to know what isn't true but what we must believe is true for things to make enough sense for us to continue to ignore things...and, of course, remember to always always support the commander in chief no matter what......anything else would be unamerican of you....

it would be nice to see somebody suggest the obvious for irak.. a division of irak into sunni/shiite/kurd nations...

i for one will continue to support howard dean... no matter how many cable channels distort his speeeches or opinions..he stood up in march BEFORE the war and called it what it has turned out to be: sheer idiocy... he's correctly defined the current fiscal policies of this administration (lower taxes-spend on a useless blackhole called war) as what they are- the Argentina Plan - and we know what that gets you...or at least i know what it means for 10 million argentines that hope to find enough garbage to eat tonight... he stated whats obvious even to a child: that the US must be more even handed in its approach to the long festering palestinian- israeli conflict..of course the media quickly called this insane..don't they always by the way? and on and on and on

"ball of confusion.. thats what the world is today.. hey hey.. when the only person talking about love today is a preacher.."

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