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Monday, January 17, 2005

Current Listening: Sire SASD-7521- The Flamin' Groovies from 1976... American rock band goes to England and decides to rechannel 1964 Beatles.. so goes conventional wisdom but its not all beatles.. they do "She Said Yeah" which of course the Stones originally covered.. there's also a version of "misery" and also a song the Beatles would have been likely to jam around on.. Chuck Berry's "Don't you lie to Me".. this lp features the original "You tore me down" subsequently on Yo La Tengo's Fakebook... in addition Dave Edmunds produces and at least on "let the boy rock and roll" i could swear its his subsequent band Rockpile playing! Highly recommended stuff..oh and i almost forgot..this album includes one of the all time power pop anthems in "Shake Some Action"!

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