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Friday, September 24, 2004

Baseball: ICHIRO!

Seattle Mariners baseball phenom Ichiro Suzuki is on pace, with 247 hits as of last night, to set the record for hits in a season. Some baseball fans and less avid followers in particular tend to focus almost exclusively on home runs and other feats of gargantuan powahhh (Watch ESPN baseball tonight or sportscenter any night and its seemingly all homers) BUT to me hits are what its about in baseball (home runs are just ONE type of hit) and the fact that this marvel called Ichiro is about to best a record that has stood since 1920 is remarkable!!!.. interestingly enough Sisler's feat of 257 hits in 1920 was overshadowed by the new guy on the block and his home runs: Babe Ruth!... never mind that Sisler batted over 400 that season!

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