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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roots Rock Reggae at Pier Six Pavilion July 26, 2008 Ziggy Stephen Damien Marley Live Review and photographs

Great show last night at the Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore Maryland with the Roots Rock Reggae Festival. Basically a Bob Marley lovefest with Ziggy, Stephen and Damian. Really seeing three of Bob's talented sons performing together is just about as good as it gets! Barrington Levy played a great set a bit earlier in the evening. Local State Theatre reggae band Soja helped provide a bit of local flavor and were strongly supported by the crowd. For me the highlight was Ziggy Marley as I guess over and beyond my deep love for Bob I have really found a lot to enjoy in his music. He played an acoustic set- shorter than it should have been by about two songs- which opened up with an absolutely killer Redemption Song just him on acoustic... He also did a mean Lively up Yourself...Not playing Tomorrow People- I think- is a lost opportunity. After the set break which was a bit shorter than necessary Stephen Marley came out and played a long set which included much contribution from special guest Damian Marley who has great stage presence and charisma. Ziggy also came out and there was a even a little kid - probably a Bob Marley grandson- dancing around the stage...But there's just nothing like thousands of people singing Three Little Birds, Buffalo Soldier, Roots Rock Reggae or Could You Be Loved with the Marleys... A great night for lovers of reggae and in particular the music and legacy (in song and in the flesh) of the great Robert "Tuff Gong" Nesta Marley.

(Thanks to Ziggy Marley crew for link from his page... if you're coming from there be sure to check the main page of this blog for a brief video snippet from last night!)

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rastagurl said...

Absolutely the best show EVER!!! The only thing that would have made it better is if ALL the brothers were there.... and that was not just a Bob Marley grandson - it is Jeremiah Marley, Stephen Marley's son....