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Friday, July 25, 2008

quote of the week...

of course its Robert "Bob" Novak...
best journalist working in dc currently.. NO ONE gets as many people as high up to tell him as many secrets and let him publish them.. if thats not being a great journalist in washington dc i don't know what is
people have all kinds of reasons for telling secrets...when its NEWS its news.. regardless of themotive...if anyone is using anyone its novak using the politicians..he's still around and plenty that spilled their secrets long since left washington

and its not just republicans that talk to the guy... he's a huge journalistic presence in this town and repeatedly drives the political agenda..

you want a bitch? read some david broder.. thats your bitch.
"I really hate jaywalkers. I despise them. Since I don't run the country, all I can do is yell at 'em. The other option is to run 'em over, but as a compassionate conservative, I would never do that."

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