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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

more on ron paul

i think ron paul doesn't scare regular scares the republican and democratic establishment.. because what ron paul says makes sense and is perfectly in harmony with the constitution or rather the principles which guided the founding fathers... the main principle is of course that of LIMITED government..a non intrusive govt which does not get in people's business and a foreign policy that is extremely cautious about the foreign entanglements washington warned us about in his farewell address....

where ron paul's common sense ideas ever to get out there to the people there could be trouble because the american people are all about the common sense..

what we are witnessing in america today is the democratic party becoming much more like the leftist parties of the rest of the world.. people like hugo chavez (an absolute joke.. he is now using $18 million of state money to fund a movie danny glover will direct on slave uprising in haiti! is that being for people?? wasting their money like that??!?!) are looked at as great.. free trade? thats a bad thing! globalization is bad too! for some democrats higher taxes are now a good thing (john edwards has talked not only of repealing bush's tax cuts but actually raising taxes on the wealthy)

so the democratic party is slowly undoing itself.. it has no chance of ever winning anything much less governing if it moves in this direction..

i don't know if you check out the mydd blog??? its a real eye opener..some real wack jobs on it... the main guy, matt stoller keeps posting anti- free trade stuff.. i thought we had left that in the dust in the 1970s??!? you see people on mydd now bandying the "neoliberal" tag as some sort of insult much like people did in argentina ten years ago!!!! thats right: we are borrowing our words and terminology from words/phrases latin america was using a decade ago! and the democrat progressives much like the left in latin america are intent on destroying neoliberalism.... who knew liberals were down on neoliberalism?

which raises the question of what is an american liberal???

this same issue came up in regard to the french election where the progressive community came down very hard on sarkozy whose ideas have a lot in common with the traditional ideas that both democrats and republican have had some sort of consensus on... what we saw was the democrat progressives trying hard to identify themselves with a socialist! this is of course utter rubbish and i had trouble explaining it to french people much like i had trouble understanding it myself..

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