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Saturday, May 05, 2007

47west63rd endorses in French Presidential election!

47west63rd is endorsing Nikolas Sarkozy for tomorrow's French presidential election...

truth be told we may be undergoing a bit of a political conversion/minor shift when it comes to domestic politics but we feel that with respect to international politics when presented with a right of center vs. left of center old school socialist party we have always and will continue to opt for the right of center..

sarkozy also impressed the times we viewed him on television and in the presidential debate were an obviously slightly desperate segolene was more bluster and rudeness than substance (although she performed better than expectations).. oh that only we had the political debate the french have had these past few months in the United States.... our politics seems so devalued in relation to the french when we compare, for example, our presidential debate to the one held between segolene and sarkozy this past week...

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