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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

now playing; rolling stones goats head soup from 1973... all good things have to end and with this so did the rolling stones incredible win streak between 1968-1972 which encompassed four perfect studio lps and perhaps the greatest live album ever (get yer ya yas out)...its a good album but cannot reach those previous heights... i still can't crop so i included some pix from the liner .. the more interesting one is the top one..thats jimmy miller who produced all the truly great stones albums.... he even played the cowbell on honky tonk and the drums on you can't always get what you want (bet you did not know that).... i've always avoided this album... a girl i knew a long time ago caterina alvarez gave me a copy of her old cassette tape once.. i avoided it even more thanks to that.. but now that i got my own lp copy why not listen to it? the original first pressing lp supposedly has some lyrics on starfucker that were edited out.. i notice the edit on this one... the rolling stones dumped jimmy miller after this supposedly cause of his heroin addiction (the stones dumping someone cause of drugs?)... jimmy miller resurfaced in the early 90s producing a few tracks for primal scream. i always loved the scream's moving on up which sounds like a dead ringer for let it bleed era stones..

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Caterina said...

Did I give you my copy of Goats Head Soup? Who are you and why did I make you avoid it? Caterina Alvarez