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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

this is the LP i've been digging the most this month!.... its a bit of an old friend i had not listened to much for a long while... mainly because i had not managed to procure a vinyl copy and since i have a vinyl copy reissue at the other end of the world i did not want to buy another reissue (and i just find it hard to get into the cd copy) i found this original new york pressing of grant green's idle moments (BLP 84154).. its got a lot of scratches and the jacket even has some red paint which almost makes it look like blood is coming out of grant green's hands (but i did not have to leave an arm and a leg behind in exchange)... not to mention the rucker fellow who owned it before felt compelled to write his name just about everywhere (THANKS guy!).... but its the real mcoy original first pressing of one of the greatest blue note sessions ever!....a stone cold classic!....AND most importantly it sounds pretty good...a little snap crackle here an and there but no real pop!...while grant green shines on this album as usual, duke pearson who wrote two of the tracks including the title tune which is a wonderful hynotic doze you to sleep classic, produced the album, and plays piano all over it, and bobby hutcherson who shines on the vibes (which i usually hate) are what make this album so special...pearson provides the framework, hutcherson the ambiance and grant green weaves in an out a few times here and there doing more than enough to justify this album's place as the best of his magnificent body of work... joe henderson who i usually find a bit strident is great on the sax here..oh one last thing: this is is one of the best reid miles (design)/francis wolff (photo) blue note album covers!

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