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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The cover for Willie Colon's CD "El Juicio" ("The Trial") one of a whole host of classic recordings released on Fania Records. "El Juicio" came out in 1972 and features Hector Lavoe on stellar vocals.Includes a great version of "Sonhando Despierto" ("Dreaming Awake") which I'd heard previously through a version by Mimi Maura. "El Juicio was co-produced by Fania label impresario Jerry Masucci (who I believe wrote/produced and directed the Salsa movie) while the proceedings were overseen by the great Johnny Pacheco. I need to get my hands on the LP (Fania 424).. this cover I think loses lot on the CD (Fania LPCD-00424). Willie Colon would of course go on to make other great albums with Ruben Blades including "Siembra".

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