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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Pearl Jam at Bristow, Virginia (Jiffy Lube Live) May 13, 2010

I think its vox populi by this point- 20 years into their career- that with Pearl Jam you know you're going to get a very solid show every single time. If you don't like their music well they can't do much about that but they're going to take care of business and give you new songs, classics, surprise covers (who else ...will play snippets of George Clinton, the English Beat, a cover of the Dead Boys, toss you a lyric from U2's "Bad" in the middle of one of their bigger hits and end the evening with a fellow Seattle musician's- Hendrix- solo rendition of the star spangled banner on guitar ALL on the same night?), some Eddie Vedder opinions:"If you're a lobbyist why don't you do us all a favor and kill yourself?" (He took it back but..), dedications of songs to sick but recovering children and Sean Penn ("Better Man" for his work in Haiti) etc... All of this within a very unpredictable set list delivered by five consummate professionals-Ament, Gossard, Mcready, Cameron and Vedder- who will give you 100%. No 90 minute show here folks. Nope.. you get 29 songs and if they stopped its cause the promoter turned on the house lights and told them it was time to end it (curfew). Vedder will even throw in a comment about how hard it was for you to get out there and the long drive back you face; a veiled reference to what a nightmare it is getting out to and back from the venue?... This from a band that will arrange deals for fans with local hotels for discount rates while hooking up their sizable fan club with pretty much all the great seats. There's a lot to like with these guys and worse ways to spend a Thursday night. And they didn't even play "Rearview Mirror"! Oh and why was Eddie Vedder wearing a PiL shirt you ask? You silly, cause he was at the 930 Club the night before with the rest of the DC cool kids checking out Johnny Lydon aka Sex Pistol Rotten with Public Image Limited,of course!

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