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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Show and tell: Mose Allison Trio's "I love the life I live" Columbia CL 1565

Sometimes you find some neat stuff... This weekend I found a copy of this Mose Allison LP (albeit on the 2 eye label not the original 6 eye) and when I looked on the back I saw Mose looked like he'd autographed it... When I checked on the internet I saw that one of Mose's identifying characteristics is that when he autographs records he'll preface it with a "Hello 'fill in name'". In fact I found a record that had the same exact handwriting but instead said "Hello Pete" or something! The record itself is great stuff and in great shape... sounds much like all of Mose Allison's stuff: very laid back and jazz which those cool vocals. I read the review on the ALl Music Guide and they note this album came out early in his career (1960) before he was writing many of his own vocal songs.. this one has four instrumentals he wrote and the rest are covers sung by Mose.. but he really makes them his own! It must be said that the Columbia 2 eye's sound pretty killer...

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Ross Stuckey said...

I've had this record since 1961 and it has been one of favorites all these years. I'm now putting it on my iphone.

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