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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black Crowes- Notes from last nights concert October 25 2008 930 Club

yawn..boring show last night.. they were great when they stuck to the rock and roll but way too much of the evening was like watching a bad phish/dead cover band..

are they trying to turn into a jam band? maybe they are already there? that shit was boring...preferred their show at wolftrap a few months ago..

interesting they were allowing people outside to smoke..usually there is no reentry.. the cop presence was bordering on the obscene...i mean come on it was 1000 kids having a little fun on a saturday night..

all in all i got lucky that i got to hear three songs from southern harmony including remedy/sting me... also it was nice to hear the slightly cheezoid she talks to angels..of the three shows i definitely got to see the one with the best set list for me..

but overall this concert was a wankfest...too many boring long solos that went nowhere...really it was like watching a band with a split personality.. sometimes wanting to the grateful dead while at other times staying true to their original stones/faces vibe...we even had a really boring drums interlude...

at the show at wolftrap they had done far more channeling of the stones...also i got to say chris robinson looks like shit... get it together bro! stay off the hard stuff and eat more..

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chet - I can understand your posting however, as I suspected they were going to do and they did - they took the three nights and let them progress as a 7 hour show (with only 3 songs duplicated) From the opening of Moving it all down the line to the madness of Remedy last night it was one long amazing journey with several dimensions and reminds me of how loose the stones were playing during the sticky fingers. First night was filled with tight arrangements of new material a few "warhorses" - what sets the crowes apart from anyone else is they have the ability and talent to take each song higher - which of course continued each night until last night they were flying on a totally differ net dimension of tight extended free flowing jams - far different than on Thursday. However, last night out of nowhere they brilliantly injected a remarkable she talks to angels and finally after 3 days a down and dirty Remedy. Wish you could of been there the whole time. This is coming from a 48 yr old who lost most interest in rock long ago but there new CD caught my attention - amazing arrangements/lyrics - I thought the last time I would have that much fun full of pure rock and roll joy was 30 years ago - rock is not totally dead yet - the Crowes are still young (same ages as stones during some girls) hopefully their next CD will not take them to that polished star levels of other great rock bands - it felt good to listen and feel raw music - it felt soo good to be a bad boy with dreams again!

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