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Monday, January 21, 2008


Listening to AC DC on this MLK day early afternoon- the live album "If
you want blood you've got it"- which is an absolute scorcher. I've
been getting more and more into these guys over the past couple of
years and now they are the act I would like to catch live the most.
Angus Young is a mere 52 so there is no reason these guys shouldn't
kick some serious ass. The word was- apparently confirmed- that AC DC
was going to do a small club gig in Switzerland at the end of this
month but the plug was pulled. APparently word leaked out and it was
supposed to be semi-secret. My guess: they probably wanted to play a
show and see if they still wanted to do it for a big world tour laster
this year. Keep in mind they don't need the money and these guys - and
I'm thinking of the guys who run the band: ANgus and Malcolm Young-
don't do things for the money. They do not even have a greatest hits
album! Think about the money that they would get if they would do the
fairweather fans/mass buying public a favor and put the studio
versions of Highway to Hell and Back in Black (Bon Scott era and Brian
Johnson era) on one CD! It would sell millions. They just don't care
bout stuff like that and in spite of that according to something I
read they made 18 million dollars (australian) last year in spite of
not releasing anything new (DVD came out right at end of year is true)
or playing one show!

So is AC DC going to tour later this year. A friend of mine thinks
based on a live nationa ac dc store having gone up that the deal has
already been signed. I'll tell you one thing though : if these guys
play I am going to catch at least 3 of these shows. There is no band I
want to see more right now. The world needs AC DC right now. Need to
go back to that no frills just thrills Chuck Berry rock and roll.

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