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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Frank Sinatra!!!!!!

Old Blue Eyes/The Chairman of the Board (did anyone have more nicknames than Frank?) would have been 91 today...

As I get wiser my appreciation for Frank grows by leaps and bounds.... no one recorded more solid LPs.. no one...and the care he took with each album, with help from an elite team to be sure, from song selection, to the musicians, and the album cover art is obvious... his magnificent capitol output must number about 20 LPs!!!!!!... i've been collecting frank sinatra for a while now and i still don't have all his masterworks!... for example today i picked up sinatra-basie (their first collaboration) and its even better than i had hoped for with all the expectations that go with an album attached to those two heavyweights...

anyways... Frank..wherever you are thanks for the tunes!

its always thrilling for me to find one or two songs on each of his albums that i associate with billie holiday (and he probably did too..) .. "nice work if you can get it" is playing right now... nice indeed.. frank with basie and cohorts putting his stamp on a song billie holiday owned...

one of my earliest memories of music around the house, asides from all the classical music my dad would play, is a frank sinatra reprise greatest hits lp that my dad used to spin....and if i remember correctly he'd play "strangers in the night" a lot more than any other song (made easy by the fact that it was probably the first song on a side).. that would make sense given strangers in the night was sinatra's number one around the time my parents first lived in the United States.... i guess my parents were like a lot of people in listening only to the greatest hits but it doesn't say much about their musical adventurousness!...with all those great Frank Sinatra lps!

is frank rhyming with "asbestos" on "i won't dance"?

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