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Friday, October 13, 2006

Meet Ginger Bernichon!

Our newest household member Ginger came to us a few months ago and has adjusted just fine to life in the household.. admittedly sparks did fly with her new brother ari but things are settling down.... Ginger loves to hang out in the bathroom and is known to give the ocassional friendly head-butt..she also insists on taking her strolls in the corridors of the apartment building...she's a 3-4 year old good looking shorthair (these cats are known for having strong personalities and ginger is no exception) which is not surprising given her pedigree (her brother who lives in southwest dc is a well known model in the area).. ginger seems to particularly enjoy hanging out on her boogiemat and the recently purchased scratchmat...but the clawing of the purple couch and taking down of the curtain must stop!

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