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Saturday, August 26, 2006

warming up to the new vegas lounge

heading to the new vegas lounge for the first time in like years...

wonder if they still have the uptown blues band or whatever they're called..

warming up with james brown "sex machine"..previously listened to clarence carter's "patches" atlantic lp from 1970 can tell by 70 soul was a bit played out...

by 72 you had the o'jays "blackstabber" (with love train) setting the pace.... thats pre-disco (gamble and huff) for those of you not familiar.. so you see a big evolution from aretha in say 68 to the philly soul sound (which bowie used as his main influence for young americans lp in 75)

black music is so dynamic..

too bad i lost the tread with modern hip hop...

but james that mutha could blow the place down!

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