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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

look its baseball!

yup.. MLB is back..not optimistic about the washington nationals and their chances this year....letting loaiza go was crazy.... you don't let great starters like that go.....on top of that getting soriano was by all accounts a mistake.. a troublemaker whose power hitting won't work at RFK..... then on top of that injuries such as to ayala during the world baseball classic..nagging injuries to guillen and a few others players and it would be a miracle if they do make those 72 wins that vegas is projecting..

unless new ownership finally comes on board and invests some money to earn the local fans good graces..

and to boot we still can't even watch the nats games on tv in dc due to some squabble or some such between comcast and angelos.. i don't even really understand how that could not have been resolved yet... seems all parties would benefit from a settlement... at worse there should be a binding forced settlement or the rights to the games should be abdicated to a third party who will show the games...

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