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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

back on the tracks

lots to write.. lots of pictures to post.... take it slow though... ease back on in to the blogging routine..

ever since about a week before the baltimore show i've been pretty obsessed with the rolling stones..its a great time to be into them... super bowl, show in rio for 2 million people, buenos aires last night and coming thursday again.... lots of great recordings of shows from current tour.. and they still got it.... i dare even the biggest skeptic to listen to a concert recording from the bigger bang tour and tell me they don't sound just as good as they've done always...

i'm listening to the copacabana show in rio which i managed to download.. my first succesfull bitorrent download.. and its great.....soundboard.... what a great souvenir from the bigger bang tour..

and i need a souvenir... i'll explain later...

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