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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what to do what to do.. i've written about my recent resurgence of insterest in blue note records... well i managed to get my hands on jimmy smith's "i'm moving on" recorded january 31, 1963 but in the vaults until its release in 1966...whats interesting about this album you ask? its the only session featuring both jimmy smith and grant green ever recorded... you got to admit that sounds pretty yummy.. apparently the session is not the greatest work which is why it was initially not released.... still... whats the problem? the record i bought which by all accounts appears to be the first pressing (division of liberty records label) is sealed! should i open it? the cover features jimmy next to a jaguar wheel .. same photo-op as the one that resulted in the crazy cover of woman next to jaguar ("crazy baby" lp)... could be....

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