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Friday, July 01, 2005

shocker in gloomtown!!!!!!!

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring!

Her retirement presents bigger implications for the future of the United States than the retirement of Chief Justice Rehnquist would have held...Justice O'Connor has typically been a moderate conservative voice.. her pro-choice vote on abortion decisions will likely be replaced with that of a pro-life conservative appointed by bush and abortion will likely become illegal in the next two years.

In spite of a career on the bench exemplified by common sense key swing votes swaying the court one way or the other (of 175 5-4 decisions she was the fifth vote on 135!!!!!!!), she will forever be linked to her uncharacteristic vote in Bush v. Gore 2000 where she was the key fifth vote in a majority overturning a decision by Florida's State Supreme Court of Florida mandating a statewise recount.... she has never substantiated her critical vote as she did not sign on to the opinion written by three of the Justices in the majority or write her own concurring opinion... To my mind she lacked the political courage to do what she had to know was right which would have been to in effect put Al Gore in the White House by ensuring all votes were counted.

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