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Friday, December 03, 2004

Vinyl Shopping in DC!!!!!!!!

Well its been a while since I’ve put anything up on this blog…. Not sure why…. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is inventory the different stores in Washington DC that carry (mainly used)vinyl so here goes my attempt…

First of all the CD Game Exchange chain stores always have some vinyl.. now most of it is trash (Streissand records galore, records way scratched up [why do you guys buy these?], etc.) but occasionally you can find something nice… It’s a great pace to buy all those 80s albums on vinyl that you would never buy but might if you could get them for a quarter or two…but like I’ve said I’ve found some gems there too… the main stores I like to hit are the one in Adams Morgan (by 18th and Columbia) and the one by the Tenleytown metro….now its also true you have to go often as you never know when a fresh stock of LPs will arrive and they don’t stay around once they put them out (the wolves are hungry hungry like the wolf)…

Smash records in Georgetown is one of the better places in DC.. its on M street about two blocks from Wisconsin…it used to primarily cater to punks (its been around over 20 years I think) but has recently been shifting more and more to vinyl. There are crates and crates…some real bargains.. I found a Sgt Pepper’s mono for $5 and even the original US Beatles album, “Introducing the Beatles”…plus the guy who owns and runs the store is about as nice as they come.. Bobby… he does occasionally list his higher end stuff (say an original Nick Drake or Blue Note) on ebay but I can forgive him that…they’ve got a web site at

Second Story Books is an interesting animal.. the store in Dupont Circle.. (right off the circle) can be times they have a great record in great shape for $5 and at times the same record completely trashed will be $20.. lately they seem to be marking up the jazz stuff (isn’t everyone?)… but you can occasionally find something good here...i recommend it.. now the new branch in Bethesda (two blocks from the metro) is a little pricier…back in the day I found Dexter Gordon’s “GO” on original pressing for $20 at dupont.. doubt that would happen today but I keep looking! They also have a web site at Obviously its mainly a book store but they get good vinyl turnover at the dupont locale..

The newest entrant in the vinyl sweepstakes.. the new kid in town to quote the eagles of soft rock are crooked beat records also in adams morgan..they just opened recently and they have a nice selection of both used and new vinyl.. the guy that runs the place, neil bechton, is a great guy… and they occasionally put some nice stuff in the dollar bins….... I found the lynrd skynrd original flames cover (howard park autographed!) for a buck and even the doors strange days (tan label baby!) for a dollar….they are at somewhere around 2300-2400 18th street….check them out at Check them out!

Orpheus Records is located in Arlington right off of the metro stop after Courthouse (Clarendon or Ballston why can’t I remember?)….these guys have been around since BC… check them at … I occasionally poke in here but they don’t renew stock that fast, they don’t have it well organized and its overpriced…

Joe’s Record Paradise located in Rockville Maryland is a store I would go to a lot more if I had a car… its pretty much too far from the metro though I’ve done it… huge selection… check them out at this is where I bought public enemy’s it takes a nation of millions to hold us BACK y'all!…..

I would say that’s the A-List of DC Vinyl..

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